10 July 2011


First Steps from RuntimeCompiledC++ on Vimeo.

Here's our first video: the briefest possible demo of what you can expect from the RCC++ testbed code.

The main thing you see here is our core feature: you can edit the source code for your game or application and see the changes applied, while it is running. 

How do we do that? The runtime-modifiable classes use a macro that registers the files themselves to be monitored. Whenever one of those files changes, we pick it up and recompile it into a DLL. By linking that DLL we can switch over to the new code, leaving the original EXE file untouched. This way we avoid any interpreter and use native compiled C++ throughout.

For projects with long compile or load times - like AAA games - this makes an enormous difference to iteration times while keeping all the advantages of pure C++ development.

You can also see that we haven't created a new editor or tool for working with the source you're changing - we continue to use Visual Studio, just as you would normally. The key difference is that you don't have to close and recompile your app to see the changes.

We'll explain more in our upcoming posts - or you can also check out the forums, the wiki, or download the source and have a play yourself.

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