18 June 2012

New Feature: Include File Tracking

Include File Tracking in Runtime Compiled C++ from RuntimeCompiledC++ on Vimeo.

We've added a major new feature - automatic runtime include file handling. Before, when they changed a header file, developers needed to manually trigger recompilation of every runtime source file. Now all developers need to do is add an include and the macro RUNTIME_MODIFIABLE_INCLUDE to their header and when the header file on disk is modified, all runtime source files which include it are recompiled and the resultant library is loaded as usual.

The implementation for header tracking took some slight of hand with macros and the C++ feature set. We also need to track which source file included that header, so we need a dependency map. The result is simple to use and doesn't significantly increase compile times or code complexity.

Check out the code at Github to take a look at the new changes!

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