14 March 2014

Runtime Compiled C++ is in Kythera, the AI behind Star Citizen.

Debug view of Kythera in action during a dogfight in Star Citizen

Moon Collider and Cloud Imperium recently announced that the hugely ambitious crowd funded space sim Star Citizen has its AI powered by Kythera. Regular followers of our blog might spot that Moon Collider is helmed by Matthew Jack, co-founder of Runtime Compiled C++. Naturally Matthew turned to using RCC++ for making it possible to change high-level code such as behaviour selection and behaviours (more details on the Kythera website). With Kythera behind other upcoming games I expect RCC++ usage to continue to grow.

In addition to some amazing games featuring RCC++, Moon Collider (previously Intelligent Artefacts) have been contributing to RCC++ development and helping to fund me taking time away from my own project Avoyd (which uses RCC++ for almost the entire code-base) to develop new features for RCC++.

I'm looking forwards to hearing more from Moon Collider, Cloud Imperium, and other developers using Kythera about their experience with RCC++ in future, and will post any relevant news on the blog. If you happen to be in San Francisco for the GDC Conference, Matthew and the rest of the Kythera team will be there, so do try to meet up to find out more about their AI middleware and RCC++.

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