21 October 2013

Source directory discovery and turning off RCC++

I've just added support for discovering the source directories when the paths compiled into the modules do not match that of the machine the code is being run from. This is especially useful when using pre-compiled libraries. Once again I'd like to thank the team at Intelligent Artefacts for highlighting this issue and helping to develop the solution. For more information on this see the documentation.

This source code discovery doesn't noticeably increase start up times, but it brought forwards my priorities on the issue of improvements to turning off RCC++. I've introduced two new methods, one which can be used at runtime and another which is a compile flag. Documentation is again available on the wiki.

Details of the changes for both these fixes are found in the pull request here and bug fix here.

Márton Tamás once again has helped finding and fixing a bug with the alternative file watcher API on Windows, and whilst testing this fix I found that the watched paths were not being cleaned of ..'s so I also fixed that. The fixes for these are in the pull request here.

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