05 February 2014

Video: RCC++ at the 2012 Develop Conference

Rapid Development with Runtime Compiled C++
Transcript and slides

The wonderful folk who organise the yearly Develop Conference in Brighton, UK, have given us permission to publish the video we took of our 2012 talk on RCC++.

Looking back at the talk Runtime Compiled C++ has come a long way, with Mac OS X and Linux support along with a host of features which make it easier to use. Even more developers have implemented runtime compilation, with the Molecule Engine adding support for C++ code as scripts, and Seiya Ishibashi (@i_saint) having developed a commercial plugin for Visual Studio called Alcantarea along with a Dynamic Patcher available on Github which is apparently used by Riot Games.


  1. Thanks for posting! Any chance of having a working example of how to setup on a Mac?

  2. The code on https://github.com/RuntimeCompiledCPlusPlus/RuntimeCompiledCPlusPlus contains an XCode project you including the Pulse 'SimpleExample' and 'ConsoleExample' demos, so you should be able to just open that up and use it.

    See our post here for more: http://runtimecompiledcplusplus.blogspot.com/2012/10/mac-os-x-and-simultaneous-multiple.html


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